Saturday, March 2, 2002

What a glorious last couple of days. March came in like a lamb, and not just any old lamb, but a really soft snuggly one that wants to be your friend. The days are brilliant sunshine, and getting pretty warm. The nights are clear and still and there has been a gibbous moon floating over the sea and shimmering on the water.

Today the kids and I went over the the beach at Bowen Bay and tasted the first flavours of summer. It was warm enough to be in lilght sweaters, and the sun beat down into the protected cove. I feel tonight as if I have been suntanned. We ran into a bunch of other families who all had the same idea as us, so it was a relly nice afternoon.

This followed on the heels of gigs last night at Doc's and then again this morning at The Breakfast Cafe with friends Dave Marshall and Andy Hillhouse.

I finally ran out of firewood, and without missing a beat this morning we received about two tons of mill ends dumped at the head of our driveway. This stuff is great: kiln dried chunks of hemlock in all kinds of dimensions, 2x5s, 4x4s, 2x4s and so on. Some of it is too long for the stove, but most of it fits in there, and it burns really nicely, hot and long. We have about three cords or so, which I've started piling under the house. We should be good until fall I would think.

Got a visit from a Red Tailed Hawk yesterday that cruised over the house calling with its distinctive shreik. Other signs of spring include blooming crocuses all over the island, and the emergence of the daffodils I planted in December, which seem to have got the right idea.

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