Friday, March 21, 2003

It's official if it's announced on the Bowen Forum. Bowen has it's first set of triplets!

Pam and Brian are adding three kids to their family of one. Toby now has two new sisters, Abigail and Megan and a brother, Oliver.

This is great news. Pam has been in hospital since early January on bed rest. In fact she went to town the day after we had them over for new year's day brunch, leading us to wonder for weeks whether the hollandaise sauce on the eggs was too rich. She rode out the months of bed rest and even made it through a spell of Toby's chicken pox, where she didn't get to see him for a couple of weeks. She's an amazing woman, and all three of them are just the right people to nurture these little ones.

I can't wait to see them. I think Brian said that they need to stay at the hospital for a week or two and then they can come home.

Three little people changing three other lives in a big way.

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