Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Notes on seasonal emergence:

  • Salmonberry bushes get their flowers before they get their leaves. Most of the shrubs in the forest now have pink tinges covering their spindly branches and the light green hint of foliage following not far behind.

  • A eagle in the douglas-fir tress behind the house was sppoked by Finn and I as we were tramping around in the salal yesterday. The eagle, a young one, took off and skirted the edge of the forest. Seconds later it had a crowd of crows chasing it back to it's perch. It's nesting season.

  • Somehow the scarping call of the Stellar's Jays has left my memory. Whe I heard one the other day for the first time in months, I couldn't place it. later I realized it was a Jay. The robins are back in droves and singing their hearts out in the morning.

  • Skunk cabbage coming up now, painting yellow splotches of light in the muddy ditches around the island.

  • Joining with dozens of parents at 8am on a Saturday morning to register the kids for T-ball. Finn and I have been out thrwoing a Frisbee back and forth lately. He can really whip it. Not bad for a two year old.

  • Forsythia, tulips, snapdragon, lavender, osteospremum, and daffodils are in flower in the garden.

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