Thursday, January 8, 2004

I took a walk through the woods in Crippen Park today to see what effect the thaw was having and I was pretty surprised. On New Year's Eve the rain and freezing rain brought some trees down and some larger branches. Some of these landed on salmonberry bushes, and broke the canes. A couple of the patches of bushes are ruined for this year, but they weren't highly producing anyway so the regrowth will probably be good. One patch that delivers pretty juicy berries on an annual basis was pretty heavily bent over too, but we'll have to wait until spring to see how it affects the berries.

Lots of prints in the snow too, deer and squirrels as well as trampled patches where the juncos have been chasing seed. That's something I miss from living in a place with winter. I love tracking animals.

The snow is more than half gone now and it should be asll washed away by the weekend with the exception of the large piles by the sides of the road.