Thursday, September 30, 2004

For those of you new to the island, or just visiting, or contemplating a move here, take heed of the most important information you will ever need to know: ferry line-up etiquette

  1. parking in the ferry line lane and leaving your car there over a ferry loading time is a no no. In fact, using the ferry marshalling lane as a parking spot between ferries can be dodgy. Getting back to your car (or truck) after the vehicles have unloaded from the ferry is pushing it. Driving around a driverless vehicle is OK if the line in front of that car (truck) is moving to load

  2. parking on the faint painted cross hatch lines is also a no no

  3. leaving gaps between your vehicle and the buggy in front is not to be done

  4. filling in gaps when there are no vehicles in the ferry lane west of the crossroads seems to be OK

  5. when irritated because you just missed the ferry (for any reason) try to think of an aphorism that Ed Sanders would quote

  6. letting lineup rage overcome you, even when you’re totally in the right, will eventually put you in an early grave. Just get in your vehicle, close all the windows and scream.

  7. try to understand that the ferry is what makes this place the place it is. A bridge would make it just another Richmond.

  8. it is not appropriate to assume that catching this ferry is more important to you than it is to anyone else in line.

  9. try to give in and go get a coffee when the lineup is dangerously getting past the school

  10. always carry reading material.

  11. do not idle your engine in th eline up and don't start your engine until the car in front of you has started theirs (and even then, make sure it's just for loading). Bring blankets or a close friend to keep warm in the winter. And never start your engine when the footpassengers are waiting to get off in Snug Cove. There is nothing more unpleasant than standing in a cloud of carbon monoxide in the pouring rain waiting for the ferry to berth.

The last one is a bit of a rant, I admit, by hey, it's my blog! So That is the current state of collected wisdom on the subject. Ignore it at your peril!

Note: Post updated October 2 with the last two points