Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Snug has reopened under new owners Andrea and Michael and after a whirlwind renovation featuring new floors, counters and a lovely red-orange paint job, they reopened this week.

It's the same old room, but a little bigger and with a fresh energy to it and a new menu. I'm really enjoying sitting in the corner table looking out at the traffic in the cove and catching up with my work. The wireless in the Cove is a huge asset to the Cove businesses and on island consultants and self-employed folks like me. It means we can come down to these businesses and patronize them and still get work done. I ran into Murray Atherton, the president of the Chamber of Commerce today and told him as much. He agreed. Now I suppose I have to join the Chamber! So I me that application Murray!

Spring has arrived and it truly feels the season today. We had some rain and a last Squamish wind last night, howling through the tress on the mountain above us, but calm where we are. There's a bit of cloud today but it's mostly sunny and I've been able to work outside a little, which has been fantastic. I love this time of year on the coast.