Sunday, June 19, 2005

She hasn't posted for a while, and now I see why. In this week's Undercurrent, the results for the Round Bowen kayak race were published and Sue Schoegl took first place in the solo women's category. I hope we can expect a blog post of her race soon. Congrats Sue!

The Round Bowen race is a fantastic event and is becoming one of North America's premier kayak races. The racers start at Snug Cove, head south along the east side of the island, turn into the open water of the Strait of Georgia, battle rip and chop at Cape Roger Curtis and then cruise up the west side, turning at Hood Point and coming home. The conditions vary every year, and this year, the racers were lucky to have a tail wind in the Strait, fairly smooth water at the Cape and an incoming tide pushing them up the west side. Coming home was the challenge, with a head wind and tide making it slow going. Still, the winner made an incredible time of two hours and 37 minutes. Unreal.

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