Saturday, July 2, 2005

BC Ferries is implementing a fuel surcharge to help offset the increase in fuel prices. The BC Ferry Commission is taking public input on this issue. I have sent them the following note:

I am not opposed to the fuel surcharge but I would like to suggest a way that this charge will go beyond a simple band-aid solution for high fuel prices.

I would like to suggest that BC Ferries use the opportunity of collecting this surcharge to earmark some funds for the investigation and development of alternative fuel sources for the ferry fleet. This could begin a long term process of research, development and deliberation to move the ferry fleet away from a dependance on fossil fuels. I have no doubt that the price of diesel will continue to stay high and to increase over time, so as a ferry user I would love to see the Corporation beginning now to explicitly address this issue. Knowing that some of the surcharge was being allocated to this long term planning would make me feel better about paying it and would be a prudent move for the Corporation and a global example of a corporation addressing long range sustainability issues.


Chris Corrigan
Bowen Island

You can let them know what you think by emailing the Commission before July 18.

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