Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I ran into James Glave today. I haven't met James before, but he has been a blog reader and occaisional commenter here. He gave me a nudge to write something here, and so here I am obliging him, with a little story about how he came to actually do that.

You see, today was an election day here in Canada, and our one and only polling place was the community school. I lost my voter registration card, and so I showed up to vote with my ID instead. My friend Julie Vik was in charge of the voter's list. Other friends and neighbours were scattered around the gym staffing the ballot boxes. It felt kind of funny to haul out my ID as an afterthought to satisfy the actual official requirements for showing up at a polling place with no card.

Juile sent me over to a ballot box where James crossed my name off the list with a couple of requests for a blog post. I took my ballot over the to box, and cast a vote for my friend Silvaine Zimmerman who was running for the Greens.

All told, a great exercise in trust, community and democracy.