Thursday, June 15, 2006

An update from David Chamberlain about the radio station:

Hey Chris. Just read your blog about the radio station and thought I'd correct something - we're test broadcasting on 88.7 FM, not 88.5. Could be why you couldn't get it.

As an update, we now have audio processing and a few tag lines - we're going to be recording more tag lines now that I also have a voice processor up and running (they sound somewhat hollow at this point).

Testing has indicated that it's all about line of sight. If you can see the antenna (still in the back room of the bookstore at Artisan Square, on the north side of te square), you can receive the signal (within reason, of course, considering the power output). That means that right now, it's strong at the United Church on Miller, and all along Miller up to about Scarborough Road. You can also receive it reasonably along Lenora and Melmore in Deep Bay. It starts to fade out past Miller/Dorman in the Cove, but I hope that once the antenna is raised a good 30 feet or so (I'm aiming for sometime in July, have all the equipment, just need to arrange to get it up there), we'll top the hill blocking Cove access and get into there as well. And luckily for me, the signal is strong along the Mount Gardiner valley - I hope to be able to receive it at my home on Smith Road (at the far end of Killarney Lake) once I get the transmitter antenna up and I put up a long wire antenna on the receiving end (coupled with a high end, sensitive home stereo, of course).

The bookstore now has built-in bookshelves along one wall, and one free-standing, double-sided shelf. We will be building one more free standing shelf for the opening July 1, with more to come as we get going. And once the bookstore opens, I'm really going to start the push for programming at the radio station. Expect to hear a lot of buzz over the summer as I put things into gear. And I'm working on 'live' ferry updates to go into effect when we finally launch. I have my Internet connection finally up and going and should have audio streaming within the next month. Exciting.

So 88.7 it is, and soon to be streamed to the rest of the world as well. You can see the range of the station, roughly speaking, in this Google Map. And of course, as soon as the station is live on the Internet, you'll have the link on the side bar here.