Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Van posts a great set of directions to the two most accessible mine adits (horizontal shafts) on Bowen island:

There actually two mine shafts that I am aware of. The first one what i will call the lower mineshaft is in the Bluewater area with the entrance off of Mutiny Lane which runs off Upper Windjammer. Access is on the right side of Mutiny Lane about 100 feet or so further up from the pump house on your left. If you reach the gate at the end then you went to far. The mine shaft is about 100 yards up the trail. This mine shaft is the most interesting in my view is this lower one because the shaft splits into a "Y" about 100 feet in. The other one which I call the "upper mine shaft" is just goes straight into the mountain side about 200 feet.

The second mine shaft which I previously called the upper shaft is about 30 -45 minutes hike going up towards the Mt Gardner summit off of the same trail. Take a left turn at the signs for Mt Gardner. It is about 25 minutes or so form this point. Look for a "slag heap" thing on your right just at the head of the creek bed that you will have hiked up. You will see what is left of a flatten ore car laying at a foot of a tree at the base of this 'heap". However watch out for a very deep vertical shaft filled with very cold water about half way in. There are planks laid across it but you still must watch your step. Please note If you have crossed a creek bed without seeing 'slag heap" and mine shaft, you again have gone to far and must retrace your steps.

The over all hike is a good one for those who do not want to go all the way to the summit. If you keep to the trial on your left you will end out coming out at the Blue Water Reservoir and water tower which is about a 100 yards from where you started from. Alternately you can start at the gate by the water tower.I have done this hike from this end in about 55 min. to 1 hour 10 minutes with only a couple of 2 minutes stops. It has also taken me up to three hours when taking guests on the hike and stopping at three view sites as well as the two mine shafts.

The location can be seen here.