Thursday, August 3, 2006

SPent a day snorkelling at Cates Bay beach today.

Holy crap, what a beautiful place to snorkel. At the north end of the public beach is a rocky point and lots of underwater rock reefs. The visibility was amazing, easily 15 feet, and there were lots of little fish around, shiners and plenty of rockfish deeper down. Some of the rockfish were good sized ones too. Lots of crabs in the mussel beds and plenty of ochre sea stars and little blue stars as well

Diving down about 15 feet or so there are lots of eelgrass beds with dungeness crabs and big red rock crabs scuttling about. It's probably great diving down there, heading into the steeper deeps. I'll bet there's scores of rockfish in there,being that it's part of a Rockfish conservation area.

You can see the whole area on this satellite photo. In the bay north of the point, you can see how the sea floor is shallower. That's where the reefs are. Next time, I'm going around the outside of the far point into the surgier areas to see if there are anemones and urchins.