Saturday, September 30, 2006

Turning to the water in the dying days of September. Local diver Adam Taylor has discovered YouTube and posted this great video of plumnose anemones eating a lion's mane jellyfish. These jellies are the nasty red ones on our coast, and their sting is very painful. Aine got one last year. At this time of year they mature and die so they are all over the beaches at the moment. Yay anemones for helping with the cleanup.

And a couple of days ago, tipped off by David Smith, I took a bunch of off-island visitors down to Tunstall Bay to see the sunset and the bio-luminescence in the water. It was stunning. Looked like we had flashlights trapped to our feet as we walked in the relatively warm water.

I love it that Bowen is a tree-covered rock in a sea of light.