Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fall is right back on track. There is snow on the mountains and the chum slamon have returned to Killarney Creek. There are dozens on the gravel beds in the lagoon by the causeway and several more in the new spawning beds in at the base of the fish ladder at Bridal Veil falls. The chum don't use the fish ladder, that's for the coho, and I've yet to see them arrive yet. They usually follow on later.

There is another run we are watching at Tunstall Bay on Explosives Creek. So far, there is a lovely deep channel that has scoured out the gravel on the beach but no one has seen any of the chum return there. There are seals in the bay, but that isn't unusual. It would be nice if the chum would return to that creek as it is one of the few creeks that can support a chum run on Bowen. Davies Creek, the one that flows into Snug Cove beside the picnic field, has too much water in it and it has eroded to the clay bottom with all the gravel washed into the cove. The Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Society may look at building some obstructions in the creek to slow the flow down.

Good rains and colder weather over this past week. Ferry woes too, with one major breakdown that had the Cap out of service for a day and a smaller ding on a log that disabled part of the steering system. The Cap is due to go for her annual refit for nearly six weeks this winter which is sure to drive the single occupancy car coimmuters nuts as the smaller Howe Sound Queen comes on board. The wise ones will start now to make their ride sharing arrangements. I love the smaller boat, but I'm not a commuter. It's faster than tha Cap and cozier and, at 45 years old, a lot more rustic. It really reminds you of being an islander.