Friday, June 29, 2007

We've been at the mercy of rain showers, the odd thunderclap and sunny stretches in between. What is decidedly mixed weather. It's clear that the summer high is trying to build, but it's not coming in very strong.

A nice full day on the island today, out an about. Finn and I went berry picking by Grafton Lake and harvested another batch of salmonberries. We have more than enough for another full case of jam, and this time I'm going to try making it mostly yellow and see what happens. The huckleberries are starting to ripen and we picked a few of those, experimenting with a scraper, to try to harvest them more efficiently. They aren't exactly dripping off the bushes this year, and the best patches were still just a touch underripe.

We returned to the Cove for some lunch: a veggie burger at Paradise Grill and some tacos at Nancy's taco stand on the pier. Then, to top it off, up to Artisan Square for an espresso and a "perfect marriage" (milk chocolate with cranberries) at Cocoa West. And to my surprise, owner Carlos invited me to look around the corner at a space they have been renovating, and low and behold I stuck my head into Canada's first ever boutique Bed and Breakfast suite focusing on the finest chocolate imaginable. The suite is right at artisan square, is fully appointed, and comes with very fine chocolates and all the hospitality that Joanne and Carlos can muster. And it's a beautiful little space, all done up in chocolate tones. It opens this weekend, and is yet another creative offering from these two.

After we were amazed by that, Finn and I took off across the island again to beachcomb for campfire firewood at Bowen Bay beach and to pick up our weekly dose of pyrogy from Ruta Yawney. I think we must be faithful regulars of hers, as we have been consuming this Ukranian soul food every Friday night for the past several months, since she started offering it. If you're on island, head down to the market this weekend where she will be selling some Saturday and Sunday.

And here's a perfect way to spend a decadent car free weekend on Bowen Island: book into Carlos and Joanne's Bed and Chocolate suite on Friday night, call George and get him to pick up and order of Ruta's food for you, kick back with a movie, brunch at Tuscany, spend Saturday hiking the island by day and kayaking with Martin in the evening, and retire to Blue Eyed Mary's for supper. One more night at the suite, book a massage with on Sunday with Jackie at Artisan Square, brunch at The Galley and tootle around the Cove during the early afternoon. Grab a latte to go and catch an afternoon ferry home.

By the way, yesterday marked six years we've been on this rock. The blog turns six on July 2. Thanks for reading along.