Monday, May 11, 2009


First canoe day of the year. I'm determined this year to get out in our little green boat as much as possible. Tonight, the kids and I went to Kilarney Lake and paddled around. There was lots of action on the lake: small trout jumping for bugs, a large flock of Vaux Swifts hunting the same, bitterns booming in the reeds and the beaver out for a swim. Goslings are hatched too. Out in the lake is magical. You can only see about six houses up in the woods, so the whole place has the feel of being in the middle of the wilderness. Mount Gardner dominates the view to the south, with tendrils of cloud clinging to the peak. The water was like glass, with a little mist in the sheltered bays.

And speaking of fish jumping, this afternoon, walking home from the Cove, I noticed many many coho fry feeding in the Lagoon. Good journey to those little guys and hopefully we'll see them in four years or so, bright red and desperate to get home and spawn.