Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rambling the unknown trails

Out for a little gathering wander yesterday. I went with a friend searching for oyster mushrooms, but we didn't find any worth harvesting. It has been a little too dry the last couple of days. We did however score enough good food for most of my supper last night including a salad of greens made from Siberian Miners Lettuce and Lambs Quarters and Dandelion leaves, and some fir tip tea. Found a few fiddleheads as well and steamed them up on top.

Since the majority of voters chose to kill the National Park initiative in the fall, I have made it a point to wander on the little known and lesser travelled trails of the Island. Yesterday we were hunting for food in the Davies Creek canyon below Valhalla. I bet you didn't know that Bowen had canyons, but several of the streams and creeks of the Island travel through deep steep walled valleys that are beautiful, lush places of quiet.

So, looking forward to a summer of rambling in the quiet parts of Bowen and eating from the land and the sea.