Wednesday, January 16, 2013

trees parks and parked cars

Well tidying really.  All around the village BC Hydro has been cutting trees.  In the area of Crippen Park where you can walk to the Memorial Garden, a bunch of alders and some maples have been taken out, presumably for safety although some have been saying that the cuts are too deep.  Near the lagoon, the beavers have been at at it, and there are a lot of trees down all along the north side of the water, and some huge trees that are in the process of being felled one nibble at a time.

Along the road sides up to ur house, there has alos been clearing of brush and young trees under the power lines.  So everything looks a bit sparser.

Crippen Park is a bit of a hot button at the moment.  The current Council has plans to build a loading yard in the park as an indicator of their agenda to make change at any cost.  It's an insane idea, and will be accompanied by a drive through roundabout at the intersection with Melmore and centre lane loading in the village.  the advocates for building this monstrosity in the park were the same ones who prevented the National Park from happening largely by saying that Crippen Park needed protecting from the evil development designs of Parks Canada.  The Bowen Island Improvement Association is out to improve everything except its own logic or outlook on things.

The last time we tried centre lane loading in the village, it was insanely dangerous.  a row of parked cars on one side, a through lane and a row of parked cars in the middle.  Crossing the street, especially with young kids, was a nightmare and it frayed my nerves to drive down there.

But they will have their way with the island.  They are obstinate and devoted to their agenda, which seems less about doing something visionary and more about sticking it to the previous Council and anyone who thinks the previous Council has any merit.  It's clear that vengeance isn't a very good governance tool, and I have no doubt a series of foolish decisions are about to be made.

Meanwhile, the beavers gnaw, and the lake freezes, and a pretty dry January trundles along.


  1. I am glad that you are venting here. It is a good outlet and less energy draining than crossing swords directly (or virtually via Phorum). Save your energy, we have a long road ahead of us.

  2. Thanks Boris! Feels good to vent in my own little room, in which anyone can join me!