Saturday, May 18, 2013

Deer proof?

People ask all the time...will the deer eat this plant or that plant?

The answer is yes. Sometimes mitgated by no.

So far the only plants that grow free around our place that the deer wont eat are bamboo, lavender, lemon balm, campion, oregano, rosemary and foxglove.  I believe deer have nibbled on everything else at one time or another.  Even if certain plants are deer proof, they may still sample young shoots thus killing the plant or step on it, which happens a lot.

So simple answer.

Now do people eat deer?  No.  Not n Bowen anyway, hence we have a lot of deer and no maple saplings anywhere.  I dare you to find a maple sapling.  When our current generation of maples dies, they will not be replaced.  Basically deer - rose fed and maple sweetened - have been protected by humans on Bowen, and now we complain when they eat our gardens.

This is called "being out of touch with nature!"

Just part of life on a little rock.