Monday, October 31, 2005

My annual post that marks the beginning of the snow fall. On Thursday night while I was away in Victoria a cool rain storm came through the Strait and on the weekend when the clouds lifted, there was snow on the mountains. Seems to be only around the 1500 metre level at this point, as there was no snow on Mounts Black and Hollyburn, but Brunswick and Harvey were whitecapped.

The juncos are here now, coming down from their high summer homes and on Saturday, sitting on the beach at Cape Roger Curtis, we watched the snow geese flying down the Strait towards their staging grounds in the Fraser estuary.

Most of the maple leaves are down on the ground and the alders, which haven't really gone yellow at all, are starting to shed as well.

Happy Halloween. I'm stuck in Victoria while my kids take part in the Bowen National Holiday. There is the usual trick or treating in Deep Bay, a community haunted house in the Cove and the annual Volunteer Fire Department fireworks display off Sandy Beach.