Friday, February 3, 2006

I love weather warnings like the one we are under right now:

Environment Canada's Official Weather Warnings
Howe Sound
4:10 PM PST Friday 3 February 2006
Rainfall warning for
Howe Sound continued

Up to 100 mm of rain is expected for Howe Sound.

An intense low pressure system is approaching the South Coast. Strong southeast winds of 60 to 100 km/h are expected this evening and overnight for much of the South Coast. The winds will shift to strong westerlies behind the storm Saturday afternoon. Howe Sound will receive up to 100 mm of rain. Whistler will receive up to 15 cm of snow before the snow becomes mixed with rain overnight.

100km/h winds? That's harsh. And with all that rain I'm waiting to see where the house leaks. I think I got the one stopped up in the south bedroom dormer but the north dormer may have one. We'll see how it all holds up. At the moment, the winds seem to be hanging around 50 km/h but they might get more intense over night. It's not likely that we'll see those 100 click winds, but I would be surprised with a repeat of Tuesday's blow.