Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another summer is coming to an end here on Bowen, and there have been a number of highlights over the past couple of weeks that bear some note in passing:

  • Bowfest was fantastic this year, with the celebration of island life taken over by a lovely community committee who worked their butts of to make for a great day. I was pretty busy, involved in taekwondo and juggling demonstrations, playing music with the Headless Ceili Band (so called because the tent on the day music stage prevented us from seeing the audience) and singing a commissioned song for the Bowfest masses. I also managed to score first place in the jam contest for my Bowen Island salmonberry jam.
  • Speaking of songs, I've collected my Bowen Island songs and published them on my website. I'll post mp3s of the songs as well as I get them done.
  • The summer has continued to be variable weather-wise. We haven't had a long stretch of sun and high pressure this year. I have been musing a little about this and posted a question at Ask MetaFilter which elicited some interesting answers.
  • I have finally made it down to the Bowen Island Golf Course and played a couple of rounds with my parents. It's tough, with some tricky hazards, two holes that start with drives over deep stream beds and some rolling terrain and the greens are wicked. They are fast and impossible to read, have no mercy and the rob you of your dignity. Other than that, it's a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.
  • The water is a glow at the moment with bioluminescence. Very pretty.
  • Lots more blasting around our house and over on the other side, where work is proceeding apace on the Eagleridge Bluffs section of the Sea to Sky Highway Upgrade Project or what I have taken to calling The Scar. There was lots of opposition to this project and the extent of the blasting in incredible. It sounds like thunder blasts followed by ten to fifteen seconds of gravel rumbling. It's pretty ugly too.
  • Our sessions are going again at The Snug and the kitchen junkets are on too. There is still music on the pier on weekends and the Paradise Grill is still open. The summer season is over, but the summer itself still lives on. Enjoy it!