Sunday, September 23, 2007

It has been a magical fall weekend here on Bowen. The weather has been clear and crisp, with cool temperatures in the evening. We have started burning our wood now, for an evening glow, and the air is laced with the smells of woodsmoke and leaf litter. Fall has begun today, and the harvest moon is on the rise.

Bowen Island Football Club started up today and Finn joined a couple of dozen other Under-8s for a hour long session today. They played a couple of four on four games and did some dribbling drills. There is no standing around in this club - these kids spend the whole hour with a ball on their foot or running in a small sclae game. This capped a weekend of athletic endeavour for him, which also involved him and I hitting a few buckets of balls at the Bowen Island Golf Course with Clive Scarff, the resident teacher. It's fun watch on's kid come into sports, and to have it all happen locally to boot.

And I think I have a golf partner for life.

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