Friday, November 2, 2007

More Bowen Island food news...

Michelle Pentz posted a Bowfeast roundup on the OneDayBowen site. I was bummed to have missed it this year. Carol Wallace from Blue Eyed Mary's had a funny letter in the Undercurrent this week about the steady nature of BEM's menu and status. Ninety six menu changes since 1999 and counting.

And in more local news, I ate a breakfast of toast with salal jelly this morning. Still got about three cases worth of blackberries in the freezer for making Christmas jam with and to get us through until salmonberry season again.

Meanwhile, down at the lagoon, the relatively peaceful fall has meant that the salmon aren't back yet, and there is no snow on the mountains to speak of, which continues to provie my theory that the chum retunr when the snow comes to stay in the uplands. There were all sorts of duck though out there, including a flock of western grebes, some buffleheads and scoters.