Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stats from yesterday's storm are in. We received more than 60 mm of rain and the winds gusted upwards of 90km/h, which was my guess.

Today is beautiful, a crisp and clear fall day. Finn and I went down to the golf course to play his first ever full round. I shot a 56 despite bogeying two holes (I'm not shy! Tough greens again...), and he beat me on bingo, bango, bongo by one point. That's where you receive a point for the first on the green, closest to the hole and longest putt. With three points available on each hole, it doesn't matter much what your stroke score is. He beat me on the ninth hole when I misread the distance and lofted a six iron over the green. He had a beautiful 30 yard approach shot end up about 15 feet from the pin. I pitched on, closer than him for the point, but then missed my putt by a hair. He putted out with a six incher and won the game. His short game is pretty good for a seven year old and he hit his stride with his five wood on the fairway.