Monday, September 8, 2008

Just coming off a terrific summer weekend. On Saturday a large group of Celtic musicians form the island and from the mainland gathered at The Pier to play tunes in the sun. There were lots of people there, stopping in to listen to us play or to watch the dancers clog around on the pier top.

Yesterday we met up with my old friend Chris Robertson who brought his boat over and took us back to Soames Beach on the Sunshine Coast side of the Sound. I was a perfect day, with a steady northwesterly blowing through the Collingwood Channel. The sky was crystal clear and the air was free of moisture. Caitlin described the air as “delicious” and indeed it was, especially in the early mornings, when it was still and warm and dry.

The barred owls are making all kinds of noise these days, hooting and calling at night and in the daytime. There seem to be a lot around, living mainly in the Killarney Creek valley but occasionally wandering up to our place. They call to each other all night, ringing out loud hoots and the odd screech and growl.

Summer continues, despite what the calendars say. The rain that rotted most of the blackberry crop has stayed away, a high pressure ridge has re-established itself out in the Pacific and we continue to enjoy sunny days and warm nights.