Monday, September 1, 2008

You know, we have a lot of problems with BC's a compex relationship between us on the island and the corporation that helps us cross the moat.

But today I read about a BC Ferries employee who is leaving her job as a ticket taker because she gets yelled at a lot by Bowen Islanders.

Now, frustration with the ferry system comes in two forms: corporate and in the moment. There is lots to talk about at the corporate level and that's a whole other conversation. At the momentary level, it is frustrating when we show up late for a sailing or the ferry is delayed or something has happened at the terminal to keep us on the mainland an hour longer than we expected. Such things are part of living on Bowen. They get under your skin, but it's rare that they have life shattering effects.

At any rate, I would be willing to bet that you could count on the fingers of your hand the number of total annual frustrations that are actually the fault of the ticket taker. For crying out loud, it is totally unfair to unload on someone just because she has a BC Ferries logo on her shirt. It would be equally absurd to have BC Ferries people yelling at your beacause you were a Bowen Islander.

So the next time something gets to you, remember two things: first of all, you live on an island and there is an element of personal responsibility that you have to take for the situations you find yourself in. That's just real. And secondly, chill out. If you want to unload on someone, write a letter, but for God's sake leave the workers alone. It's just mean.