Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pretty good Squamish out in the channel last night. I cam through it on the Cormorant, coming home late from some work in Victoria. We hit the stream of wind just outside Tyee Point on the North America side of the channel and steamed through it for a little over a mile until we got in the lee of Gambier, maybe a half mile off Dorman Point. The water was choppy and hadn't really built into a bad swell, but a couple of hours later, the winds were gusting at 60km/h and it was easy to hear it. At my house, on the east side of Bowen there was no wind at all, while a mere 3/4s of a mile away a gale was raging, the wind and water in the Channel making a dull and steady roar for the whole night.

After three days of beautiful weather, the rains are due back and hopefully that spells good things for the salmon. So far, I've only heard reports of one chum that has returned, although there may have been a few more riding the very high tides we are having at night. It's getting late for them, and winter is coming on.