Friday, November 21, 2008

Vancouver Magazine hit the stands this month with an article about how we're doing on Bowen confronting the issues of sustainability and conservation while living in a small rural community next to a big city. The article was written by James Glave author of "Almost Green", a book that describes the societal implications inherent in the construction of his Eco-Shed up on Cates Hill. What I appreciate about James is his eye to the complexities and realities of the choices we face and the degree of difficulty in the work of becoming green, especially for a community like ours which is blessed and cursed by a relatively high degree of comfort.

True to form, James names names, and talks about the real issues we are facing from the Snug Cove Village plan, to our carbon footprint, to the turf war of last summer. I think James makes a great case for why we need to think about our impact on the world (comparing our carbon footprint to other municipalities in Metro Vancouver is startling - we are more than three times bigger than Maple Ridge). Some who ran for Council this year poo-pooed the preoccupation that some councillors have with larger environmental agendas, but I think if we continue to stand out in that regard it won't be long before we are made to pay for our luxurious incineration of carbon and sulphur.

James is a gift to this community. He is dedicated, committed to staying here and he brings a very sharp eye to what we are up to. Would that we had more fearless recorders of our paradoxes and pathways forward.