Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic rainbows

Have you been outside today?  It feels like spring - this end to the warmest winter we've ever had.  Daffodils are coming up and the cherry blossoms are appearing on some of the early trees just in time for the world to arrive for the Winter Olympics.  I was Skyping with colleagues from Australia who were asking me where the snow was.  There is snow at Whistler and some up on Cypress where they have been trucking it in from Manning Park, but otherwise it's calm and a little damp and very warm out there.

Caitlin and I went out for a walk this afternoon down to Miller's Landing beach where we were greeted with an intense rainbow slashed across the flank of Black Mountain.  A neighbour passing by had the same thought we did: the International Olympic Committee put it up!

Perhaps, eh?  Six billion dollars can buy a lot of cool stuff.