Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics everywhere

Olympic fever has extended its tendrils everywhere.  The Games are underway and all anyone is talking about are the gold medal in moguls, the intricacies of luge track engineering, the chances of the Canadian women's hockey team having a goal scored against them or the technicalities of a triple Salchow.  In fact I think I only ever hear the term "triple Salchow" every four years.

The other day in Vancouver seemed like Christmas, everyone upbeat and friendly and a little excited.  Finn and I went into town and bought some red mitten for ourselves as a way of supporting Canadian athletes and downtown was alive.  (This was before yobbos smashed the windows of the Bay in yesterday, but I think that hasn't dampened the spirit of the place much...)  We'll head back into town a couple of times this week to take in the festivities.  Seeing a concert on Tuesday night and various crowded events on Sunday.  We might even get up to Whistler to hang out with family there and take in the spirit of things.

Here on Bowen, things a lazily moving along.  Other than a TV at Artisan Eats and a few more people in the Pub watching coverage together, nothing has really changed here.  There are a few visitors on the island, lots with various European accents, which is highly unusual for February, but other than that you would know that there are dozens of international sporting tournaments happening across the water from us.

Bowen just stays quiet, which is kind of cool.  That even when the eyes of the world are trained upon us, as you see our little island in panoramic shots of the Vancouver waterfront, no one seems to wonder too much about what it's like over there.