Sunday, March 7, 2010

Only on Bowen: coming home

This is how it is when I come home.

Sunday morning on the sparsely populated 9:00am ferry from Horseshoe Bay.  I'm coming back from 10 days on the road and expecting to sit on the ferry alone, sort out some receipts and make some notes.  Friends Jackie Minns and David Cameron are on the ferry, coming home from an over night in town.  We start jamming on exercises for our nascent improv group.  They ask if I need a ride.  I tell them I'm good - Caitlin will pick me up in the other side.

Get off the ferry, Caitlin is running behind, so I wait by the library.  Murray, Patrick and one or two other people driving ON the ferry honk and wave hello, welcoming me home.  Dale stops and asks if I need a ride.  The bus comes around the corner, all of 20 meters from where it started, and asks the same.  I politely decline all offers.  

At last it gets quiet.  Ravens, crows and gulls are wheeling overhead and there is a little bite in the wind coming off the bay.  I'm smiling at how darn hard it is avoid all the friendliness here.