Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Back to weather blogging. We've had a wind and heavy rainfall warning in effect since last night, with something near 80mm of rain on the ground and storm force winds gusting above 90km/h which is rare for the inner coast. The sustained blast from the southeast has produced a leak in the roof for only the second time in two and a half years. Water seems to get in when it is driven into a seam where one of the dormers connects to the roof. The only other time we saw a drip in the living room was Christmas two years ago when similar weather conditions - heavy rain and sustained southeast gales - produced the same result.

The weather warning has been downgraded to a gale warning and things should lighten up this afternoon. I might be mistaken but it seems to me that the really heavy winds hit at night. It must have something to do with the earth cooling that accentuates winds. This time of year, the inlets on the coast are windy at night with either outflow or inflow winds being channeled through the coastal fjords. I imagine these regular blows simply compound the storm winds.