Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The light snow has been falling for 30 hours now and has acculmulated close to a foot of puffy but wet stuff. We are now snowed in, and the road is pretty slick, so we're not going anywhere. The kids are stoked and this is perfect snowman weather so pretty soon we'll hit the septic field with meaning, and get some snow structures built.

The weather forecast is for snow and flurries right through the weekend which will be nice. I fully expect all of this to be gone in a couple of weeks once the weather warms up a little. Before that happens though, there is every chance of the conditions coming together to produce utter magic as the clouds lift and mountains blaze in a coating of white from the peaks 5000 feet down to the sea. There are only one or two days in a year when that happens, and hopefully we'll get one of those days this weekend before the rains come to wash it all away.

Happy New Year to all.