Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Snow here today. A couple of days ago it tried really hard to snow, but it ended up just raining on the lower slopes of Mount Collins where we live, which is at about the 200-230 foot level. . However, the air was really cold and I suspected that it had snowed and stayed elsewhere on the island. Taking a drive into the middle of the island, we discovered that he snow line had descended as far down at the turn at Cates Hill Road off Grafton Road. From there through the Adams Road corridor it was really snowy, like nearly 8 inches on snow on the tress and ground. At this time of year, we call that relatively high stretch of road "Adams Pass" for it's tendency to have more winter than we do closer to the sea.

The kids and I went tobogganing up high on Apodaca Ridge in the Sunset Drive area. We went up to a spot where the land is being cleared for some new houses, on a small peak called Bob's Knob which has views across the valley to Mount Gardner and then north up Howe Sound, as well as views up the Strait of Georgia to Texada Island and Vancouver Island. There was a lot of powdery snow up there, at maybe 800 feet above sea level.

Today a light snow is falling, with small flakes. It's foggy out in the Channel and the wind is totally calm. Winter comes to the coast.