Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Here's a great article on Bowen's own mountainbiking superstar, Dangerous Dan Cowan.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Reflecting on recent posts at Bowen Online and letters in The Undercurrent bemoaning our situation here on Bowen...

Call me crazy...some of you will, but you know what? I like the ferry as it is. I like the current Snug Cove configuration, with one lane of loading and one lane of parking - I thought it was the most elegant compromise of the summer of 2003, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the new lane works. I like the busses on both sides of the water. I'm happy with the existing shelter, and I enjoy standing in the cold air in the morning cuddling a cup of coffee and talking with friends.

When I'm old and creaky maybe I'll feel differently about these situations, if I have trouble walking on, or such. But for now, I really like living on an Island, I like our messy little Cove and I like what we have.

In the chorus of complaint I so rarely hear folks appreciating what's here. I take a lot of pride in living on this rock and I see all of these quirks as adding to the character of my home.

My greatest fear is that Bowen doesn't get "fixed" beyond recognition and that we sacrifice our real, deep satisfaction with our Island for the "narcissism of small difference."