Monday, August 31, 2015

The drought has broken

On Saturday the most violent August wind storm in history lashed the coast with damage that rivalled 2006's December windstorm.  Since then it has been raining steadily and heavily, to the tune of more than 100mm making this drought beset August now one of the wettest on record.

I went out this afternoon to look at some drainage channels I had cut at the back of my land that help the water find it's way into better drainage than under my neighbour's foundation.  I was surprise to see hardly any run off at all.  The land has been so thirsty that it has just absorbed all this rain.  Last winter, there were massive puddles and rivers of water cascading off a saturated Mount Collins.  Today, the earth is a sponge.

This bodes well for the recharging of our aquifers, the refilling of wells and the rejuvenation of the microbial systems that require moisture to do their work.  The drought is over and falls seems to be at hand.