Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Vancouver Sun today has a report on poaching of lingcod and rockfish from Howe Sound waters. I think most of the poachers are probably not from Bowen Island - there are very few here that actually fish, and most of those that do are after salmon, prawns and crab - but it bears repeating that the fish resources of the inlet are pretty delicate to start with without having people haul them out illegally.

The good news, as the article points out, is that the lingcod population which is endangered around here, seems to be coming back. Lingcod are very tasty fish, which makes them susceptible to poaching, and like rockfish, they require several years to reach maturity before they can spawn. This summer, I plan on doing some snorkelling around the rocky parts of the island where the rockfish conservation areas are, and just checking out what I can see from the surface.

So if you're out on the water fishing, just remember that you can't use a hook and line anywhere from Miller's Landing north to Hood Point, and we'll work at keeping these magnificent local fish stocks healthy.

Friday, March 10, 2006

A group of folks on Bowen are openly musing about micro-hydro for the island. There is a thread at the Bowen Online Forum dedicated to this, and I'm linking here to keep this idea alive.

If you have experience with this stuff, let me know through a comment here or email, or posting at the forum. We're especially looking for engineers.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Wild plum

Here is the wild plum at Collins Hall. There are lots more little flowers out now. Periwinkles in the forest (an invasive but pretty groundcover), Oregon Grape and dandelions. The salmonberry bushes are getting their shoots now too and little green things are popping up all over.

It's been really windy the last week, strong southeasterlies, sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, sometimes dry.

After a winter of record setting consectuive rain days, spring is finally trying to get here.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Daffodil, from my friend Leah

Blossom report...

We are awash in crocuses at the moment and the daffodills have also arrived.

And, perhpas more importantly, the wild plum tree at the United Church is covered in small, snowy white, five petalled flowers.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

March has come in like a...well...sitting next to Richard Goth here at The Snug, he says March came in like a lion because the wind was fierce last night, but there was no rain and it's really mild today. There is fresh snow on the mountains, but it's about 10 degrees at sea level here, very lamb like to my tender skin. Warm enough for a wool sweater only.

So it's hard to say...in fact we're still talking about it here five minutes later. Richard is convinced that it's a lion. He has just made a somewhat compelling argument that lions are warm and they don't like water and they do roar. Lambs are just meek. It wasn't meek this morning, so I guess Richard's right.

In like a lion then.

UPDATE: I've just gone through my blog archive and determined that this is the first year in Bowen's entire blogged history (dating all the way back to 2002) that March came in like a lion. A MEEK lion, but a lion nonetheless. Richard is suggesting that we go outside and shake some bones to restore the usual gentle rhythms of spring on the coast. I'm seeing it as a sign of climate change.