Friday, November 30, 2007

We have had a relatively tame November thus far. Only one big wind storm some rain and a 15 cm snowfall earlier this week. But mostly it's been clear and cool with lots of sun this week and the mountains sporting their coat of white down to the 1000 meter level.

The salmon have been having hard time of it this year. Only seven chum have shown up and no coho yet. That's the poorest return in all the years I have lived here. It doesn't necessarily mean anything - salmon are notorious for being unpredictable - but it's a little sad nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stats from yesterday's storm are in. We received more than 60 mm of rain and the winds gusted upwards of 90km/h, which was my guess.

Today is beautiful, a crisp and clear fall day. Finn and I went down to the golf course to play his first ever full round. I shot a 56 despite bogeying two holes (I'm not shy! Tough greens again...), and he beat me on bingo, bango, bongo by one point. That's where you receive a point for the first on the green, closest to the hole and longest putt. With three points available on each hole, it doesn't matter much what your stroke score is. He beat me on the ninth hole when I misread the distance and lofted a six iron over the green. He had a beautiful 30 yard approach shot end up about 15 feet from the pin. I pitched on, closer than him for the point, but then missed my putt by a hair. He putted out with a six incher and won the game. His short game is pretty good for a seven year old and he hit his stride with his five wood on the fairway.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Paul Hoosen's trouble continues. For want of a 4$ fare, the Crown has now added charges to Paul's assault by tresspassor charge, and he is facing an obstruction of justice charge.

Nice. Just makes me want to scream out "It's Paul Hoosen for crying out loud!" He is one of the most gentle men I know.

And as part of my Hoosen solidarity campaign, I am taking extra special effort to connect with the BC Ferries employees we ride with every day. It is important that there isn't any souring of that relationship. We need each other too much. We need them to save our lives an dget us home in a friendly and timely manner, and they need us for their livelihood. Let's remember that we're in a relationship here, and it demands respect and courtesy on all sides.
Our first big blow of the year. Yesterday afternoon the wind built in the southeast and by nightfall the rain and wind were lashing the house. We managed a soak in the hottub at midnight amongst the swaying giants around us, and we retired to sleep in the howling gale.

All night the wind built and at one point I felt spray on my face as rain was being forced through the windows above our bed. In the morning the downstairs windows on our protected frontporch were sprayed with rain, something that only happens when the wind gusts towards 100 km/h. I have only seen rain on these windows a handful of times since 2001.

In the morning we lost power at 8am, and there was nothing to do but boil water on the wood stove and drink tea while we awaited the day. It was Finn's birthday party today and after carefully considering what to do, we decided to go ahead, making a fun day out of a powerless holiday Monday. By the time folks arrived at 12:30, the sky was clearing and we heated a massive pot of chili on the barbeque, finishing it just as the power came back on at 2:00pm. After lunch we all went over to the school to play capture the flag and soccer in the cool crisp sunshine.

There is a lot of duff on the roads and trees down all around the island, but most are in good shape.

One addendum. While I was away last week, my friends Martin Clarke and Leah Cline had a fire in their house. It seems they have saved some of it, but the damage is massive. Martin and Leah are great kitchen junket hosts, and great lovers of community culture. We'll do what we can to help them out.

Friday, November 2, 2007

More Bowen Island food news...

Michelle Pentz posted a Bowfeast roundup on the OneDayBowen site. I was bummed to have missed it this year. Carol Wallace from Blue Eyed Mary's had a funny letter in the Undercurrent this week about the steady nature of BEM's menu and status. Ninety six menu changes since 1999 and counting.

And in more local news, I ate a breakfast of toast with salal jelly this morning. Still got about three cases worth of blackberries in the freezer for making Christmas jam with and to get us through until salmonberry season again.

Meanwhile, down at the lagoon, the relatively peaceful fall has meant that the salmon aren't back yet, and there is no snow on the mountains to speak of, which continues to provie my theory that the chum retunr when the snow comes to stay in the uplands. There were all sorts of duck though out there, including a flock of western grebes, some buffleheads and scoters.