Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Being a guest on the sea

Yesterday paddleboarding in Tunstall Bay, I headed out towards Cape Roger Curtis past the absolutely MAMMOTH mansion being built on the bay.  There was a little wind, but in the first 15 minutes it died away and the water became glassy.  One seal in the cove at Pebbly Beach and then I headed out around the Cape.  Exiting Howe Sound on a paddleboard is an awesome experience.  Come around the corner and the sky open up and the Strait of Georgia trails away to Orcas Island in the south and Texada and Lasqueti to the north.  I sat out there for a while on the flat glas and then drifted back past the Cape.  In the cove right at the lighthouse a sea lion was hanging out.  It spotted me and came right towards my board stopping a paddle length away and just looking at me.  Then it slipped under the water and headed out into the Strait.

Awesome experience...I am become friends with the sea, but still feel like a guest out there.