Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It has been an interesting summer, variable weather, quite wet and cool in places (63 mm of rain in July, more than ten times what we usually get!) and alos hot and sunny, like today. The water has been too cold to swim in regularly and so we haven't really been in a beach mode much. Still there has been lots going on.

Every weekend there is some kind of festival. The Dock dance was a couple of weeks ago, and then last weekend was the men's softball tournament and Dog Days. In a couple of weeks we'll have Bowfest to end our summer together on the island.

The ball tournament was a blast this year, with many close games, and some upsets and some amazing triumphs. Perhaps the greatest triumph of all was Eddie Weismuller's home run. He's 55 years old and he's been playing ball for more than 30 years and never hit a home run. Saturday, he hit one off his son and received a standing ovation, and the tournament MVP award. Great stuff.

This week the weather is relaly stable, although it is supposed to deteriorate again a little towards the weekend. We're enjoying soaking in our new hot tub, watching meteors and planning our garden.