Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another winter blast last night. Before midnight a lot of wet snow started falling and by the time I headed down to the Cove it was about 5cms deep, hard to walk on and very wet. There were lots of branches coming down and a power outage a couple of minutes after I knocked my alarm off at 6:30am.

The Snug, however was hopping. Young Will had hooked up a generator and we enjoyed warmth and coffee huddling in the cafe.

Power outages and storms are great for me. They make things inconvienient, and that is why I moved to Bowen in the first place. It seems with the crazy weather that we should expect these things to be more and more common. I travel everywhere with my wind up flashlight now, and today, as a result of the mess everywhere I got to meet a long time islander who I had only seen in passing for six years.

So if you're thinking of moving here, remember that things move slowly in the winter, and it's a good idea to learn to enjoy that.
Not much posting lately obviously, what with christmas and a holiday on Maui during wqhich another wind storm knocked things about here.

We've had a couple of days of light snow lately and colder weather, and the water is clam and flat and even a little thick looking. Into the depths of winter, after a stormy fall.