Friday, June 26, 2015

▶ A Day Trip to Bowen Island BC Canada - YouTube

▶ A Day Trip to Bowen Island BC Canada - YouTube

North Shore Tourism has produced a video of a day trip to Bowen.  It's full of a lot of adjectives.

But one thing I like about it is that it has a brief glimpse into Artigiani Milanesi, an outstanding small cashmere tailor that relocated from Milan to Bowen last year.  They make outstanding quality clothing from incredible cashmere wool.

Dave Witty on our OCP

LETTER: First understand the law, Mr. Long

Dave Witty, a Bowen resident and nationally respected planner, outlines what our OCP is, how it was made and amended, and why it works.  It's a good read to put into perspective the mechanics of designing an OCP for a community.

And if you want to read our document, so so here.

Making the full potential internet a reality

“It would become essential...”

Great article about Ken Simpson's recent talk at Collins Hall.  A truly broadband community run internet connection, with superior upload speeds would make shift Bowen Island's economy to a more local one quicker than almost anything else I can think of short of stopping ferry services.

It would be a powerful attractor for home based businesses and creative professionals and could be a powerful way to talk about the way our community invests in itself.