Tuesday, January 8, 2002

The sun has just set and the sky is clear over a bank of low fog which hangs over the continent (that's what I've taken to calling the mainland). There are little misps of fog floating in the channel and it looks like it's building in..

We've had bizarre week of weather here, fed by a strong Pineapple Express which rasied the temperatures to +12 and dumped rain and wind all over us. There have been weather warnings issued almost every day this month, including wind warnings, heavy rainfall warnings and lightning alerts. Now it is eerily slack and the water is almost like glass.

It's deceiving because there is more of the same coming, although not before we get some colder weather and some fog.

Funny how this journal has almost been completely preoccupied with the weather, but that's life here in the winter.

In other news the library opened in the old Union Steamship Company General Store down in the Cove. They had been plauged with floods from broken pipes at Cates Square, so over Christmas the encouraged everyone to take out 20 books (all fines forgiven!) and they moved down the road.

The General Store building is pretty historic. Over the years it has served as a post office, a community hall and an earlier incarnation of the library. Now it has been renovated again, and several local woodworkers have contributed shelves and counter space so we can have a bigger and better (and drier!) library.

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