Friday, August 30, 2002

“Islands attract two obvious groups: workers who settle there to make some sort of living, to build a community; and others who come to escape, to find some sort of refuge but are ultimately disappointed. So there’s this collision between small-town politics and disappointed idealism, those who welcome new business and those who view it as an invasion of all they’ve left behind in cities….

Island make up seven per cent of the earth’s land surface, so they’re by no means insignificant. On the West Coast, thousands of islands shape, obstruct, and adorn the Gulf of Georgia and the Inside Passage; you can’t turn around or swing a cat without seeing or bumping into an island. And islands – Lesbos, Eeelba, Bikini Atoll, Skye, Alcatraz – are central to the mythologies of love, politics, religion, and justice that we have constructed.”

- Gary Geddes, Sailing Home: A journey through Time, Space and Memory, pp 125-126

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