Monday, April 21, 2003

Easter arrived with it's characteristic warm weather and insane ferry overloads. Seems our regular ferry was deployed on the Langdale run and the smaller Bowen Queen was trying to handle all the traffic. And the combination of our ferry working elsewhere in Howe Sound, along with the smaller ferry handling long weekend traffic and a captain who didn't want to work past closing to get 28 more cars home, all that led to some miffed Islanders.

There is an eerie glow around the island at the moment as we have been carpeted by Douglas-fir pollen. The pollen is yellow and is coating everything, giving almost a sepia tone to the world at the moment. I don't remember this happening last year and I've never lived close enough to a lot of Douglas-fir trees to know if this is a heavy year or not. Maybe a regular reader will leave a comment...

At any rate, when it mixes with rain it forms a slippery gum that is really hard to get off the car, the deck and the driveway among other flat surfaces. Just bizarre.

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