Tuesday, July 29, 2003

My brother Tim and his wife Laura were just here. What a marvelous visit we had. It was really nice to connect with them as a couple and as an aunt and uncle to my kids. We all had kind of a down day around here after they left.

They brought along an absolute treasure. Laura's dad, Albert, spent a lot of his childhood on Bowen in the late 1930s and 1940s. HIS father shot a lot of movies of the place, and Albert gifted me with two copies on video of footage of life at the Union Steamship Company (USSC) Resort filmed, IN FULL COLOUR, in 1941. There is footage of the USSC ships coming in to the dock in Deep Cove (now Snug Cove, which you can see with this webcam). There is footage of the grounds at the resort, including the gardens and the bowling lawn. And there is footage of the old hotel too, and the cottages that people stayed in, some of which are still dotted around the cove and Deep Bay in various states of repair.

I do believe these videos are the oldest existing motion pictures of Bowen and as such it's a rare treat to have them. One copy will be provided to the archives and another copy will go to the Historical Preservation Society who are interested in showing it at the tourist information cottage in the Davies Orchard. And one copy will stay with me.

So thanks to Albert!

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