Sunday, December 14, 2003

Well the ferry strike ended on Friday, but not before I took the Kinbasket Queen along with 39 other commuters into Horseshoe Bay, riding the fading swells of a southeasterly. There were really no major inconviences to me, and probably to the vast majority of Bowen Islanders. Cormorant Marine did a great job with the water taxi service, and Al Leigh got a barge of fuel over to the island for gas and heating oil.

In fact the comment that best sums up how Islanders dealt with strike was uttered by a commuter on Wednesday morning. Faced with a CBC TV camera crew on the dock at Snug Cove first thing in the morning, he responded to the question "How has the ferry strike affected you?" with a classic Bowen answer:

"Well, no one's shined a bright light in my face at 6:00am before."

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