Monday, May 9, 2005

The whole Cove has been trasnformed. There is a movie being made - a remake of John Carpenter's The Fog - and Bowen Island is standing in for Anotonio Island. The lower Cove is covered in red, white and blue bunting, which is the traditional sign that a Canadian location is standing in for an American one. The Bowfest field is covered in styrofoam and wood headstones and mocked up as a really convincing graveyard, and all the young girls are going ape over Tom Welling walking around the place.

It's a bit of a circus actually. It's funny having 150 people invade your community and treat it like a set. They're nice enough and all, and they're dropping a lot of cash on the island but it's clearly just a workplace, like any other film set. Seaplanes have been carrying the high priced talent in every evening and away in the morning and the whole scene is urreal.

I'll post some photos soon.

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