Monday, October 29, 2007

It's an interesting time for Bowen's eateries. Almost all of them are going through some period of change at the moment. So, starting from the top of the hill and working down, here's what's up...

The Galley at Artisan Square has changed its menu and is now serving a lot of pasta dishes. Still very few vegetarian entrees and not so much on the moderate ricing although their portions are large.

Further down the hill, the Pub (careful with that link - they have thoughtfully embedded some horrible sound) changed it's menu back in the summer and I like it. I really like the pub. It's just a great pub. I don't go there enough. Anyone want to go for a beer this week?

Moving on down, Tuscany is up for sale as Julie and Christoph, who bought it from my friend Sarah Allen a few years ago have big dreams of travelling Europe together. They would like to sell it to an islander if possible, so get on it if you're interested. And if you buy it, please bring back the Apulia pizza. Please...

BowMart is under new management and also experimenting with a new menu. They've scaled back on the diner vibe, with more contemporary music and less burgers. They have steaks and stuff now too. We were in there this weekend between lunch and dinner and had a limited choice from a small menu. Chili was good though.

The big news though, has been the surprise closing of Doc Morgan's. I really have no idea what happened there but it seems unseemly. Doc's is a Bowen landmark, and the food was pretty good this summer. Something weird happened there though and now the place is shut down and everyone is scurrying around trying to figure out what to do next. I have no details, but if you are a visitor and planning on coming over for a supper there, forget it, at least for the next little while. Head to Blue Eyed Mary's instead, which continues to offer up a monthly variety of seasonal west coast food with nice wines and effervescent service.

As for the coffee shops The Snug, The Happy Isle and The Village Baker are all going great guns, with The Snug still pulling the most consistently great espresso shots. And Cocoa West is still just brilliant.

If none of that appeals, there is always the do-it-yourself local fauna. Good to know that in a pinch, we could all survive on our indigenous bananas...(but yuck anyway!)

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